is firmly grounded on the belief that adults cannot be taught anything new. Instead, they can be helped to discover it from within.

Out of this belief emerges our endeavor to transform the people we work with, helping them realize their true potential, innate strength and undoubting human spirit. Everyday, Atmosphere training is helping individuals and organizations on their journey towards self-discovery, enabling a holistic transformation of the self and everything around them.

Powered by years of collective expertise, Atmosphere’s forte lies in Management Development Processes and customized interventions to enable organizations meet business objectives, through training and consulting. In every project we engage in, Atmosphere brings with it an inimitable synergy of passion, compassion and knowledge!

  Atmosphere is driven by the desire to change everything for the better, in and around us. We believe that an indomitable spirit of an organization or an individual can create an Atmosphere that fosters growth, encourages breakthroughs, and builds relationship, critical to achieve excellence.

At Atmosphere, a blend of a person’s skills is used to enhance the human spirit. Here is a snapshot of our approach:
  Atmosphere offers its clients an array of programs that promote holistic transformation across three verticals Consulting, Corporates and Educational Institutions.

  Atmosphereis passionate about its purpose! Our focus has always been value creation at the individual and organizational level.

On a broader level, we also work towards qualifying behavioral dimensions of emotions, interactions, and spiritual facets of the human being.

It is this knowledge that enables our competency in handling everyone, from a school student to a senior management professional.
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